• Hadassim Tours - founded in 1979, is a leading travel agency based in Tel Aviv Israel
  • A member of the International Air Transport  Association (IATA) and the Israeli Tourist & Travel Agents Association (ITTAA)
  • Travel management - ground handling and traveling solutions ranging from basic end to end to highly complicated itineraries
  • Our Team:  highly professional and experienced travel arrangers provide an efficient and courteous service to clients
  • Meetings and Incentives travel- whether you’re looking to reward your team with a well deserved travel experience or need an expert partner to help you plan and manage your business event, Hadassim Tours will make everything easy, affordable and memorable.  
  • Medical assisted travel - services for travelers injured overseas in need of urgent medical care. The 'Medical Air' department is highly experienced in organizing special seats, stretchers, oxygen tanks and any or all other medical supplies needed
  • The company holds a 24/7 answering service, to assist  with meeting urgent requests and last minute changes for our clients in Israel and overseas.
Address: 5 Shalom Aleichem St, Tel Aviv
Tel: 972-3-5104422972-3-5104422 
Fax: 972-3-5172061
E-mail: office@hadassim-tours.co.il